My name is Elena, I'm 20 years old and living on the South Coast of England. I study English Literature and English Language Studies at university and as an aspiring journalist,  I use my blog to complement my love for written words and visuals in the form of photography. I love taking photographs because my favourite thing to do is look back at memories. I'm certain I have an obsession with sunsets. And sunflowers. And anything yellow... I enjoy reading and I'm not sure if I'd call myself an avid reader but when I find a book I physically can't put down, it's the best thing. I love shopping and when people ask 'what are your hobbies?' I think it's acceptable to say shopping, I feel like it's essentially a sport...maybe...and if it was a sport I would definitely be captain of the team as well as the winner every time. 

This blog is a way of presenting my thoughts and things I love and because I would love to have a career in the journalism industry when I'm older, I think writing daily blog entries is useful because I'm essentially reporting for an audience (that's you).


What camera do you use to take photographs for your blog?
I'm a big fan of cameras because there is nothing I love more than making memories by taking plenty of photographs! I use a Canon 1000D, a Canon 700D and my iPhone 5c.

Do you make any money from your blog? Are you paid to advertise products?
I'm not paid for any posts I write. If I have written extensively about a certain product it's because I have a genuine love for the product. And, even if I was paid to 'advertise' something, I would tell the honest truth - I would not present something as being amazing if I didn't think it was truly amazing!

I want to write for my own blog! Where do I begin?
Sign up right away and write away! I have a love for writing and so I didn't hesitate to start blogging. You can blog about anything you like, whenever you like! It's a lot of fun and a great way of recording memories.

Can I contact you?
Of course, all my information can be found on the Contact tab on the homepage; you can contact me directly on Twitter: @elenacgray, or email me at: elenachristiegray@gmail.com. 

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