Saturday, 18 July 2015

Flower Pressing: Final Stages

I used to love creating things when I was about 7 but rarely do I have the time to make leaf-kingdoms for pet caterpillars (yes, I actually made these once upon a time) mud potions and sticker books, so nowadays I make do with flower pressing!

I went to trusty TK Maxx about a week ago and found the frames I'd been searching for for a while. I specifically wanted dark brown wood and managed to find just one big frame. After scrambling around in search for another, I successfully found a smaller version - ideally I'd have liked two of the same size but I told myself I'd have to make do! 

Measure and cut the white card to fit the frame and then rearrange your flowers to make a pretty picture and stick onto the aforementioned card. 

Once I was pleased with the arrangement, I stuck the flowers onto the card with PVA glue using a pastry basting brush (both silicone and bristle work equally as well), and then left the arrangements to dry. 

I'm really pleased with the outcome and the below picture doesn't do it justice! Many of the flowers were picked from my nonna's garden and so the pictures are really meaningful which I love.

This is a cheap DIY project and it's also a lot of fun too, no matter how old you are!

For a how-to on flower pressing, click here

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