Sunday, 5 July 2015

EBB & Flow | Winchester Hat Fair

On Saturday, I went to EBB and Flow for lunch with two of my friends. Considering the sun was out and it was pay day weekend, we were expecting it to be a lot busier. We arrived and it was surprisingly quiet so managed to get seating straight away with only a short wait for the food. 

We ordered a juice each and they came in the grandest jars, I opted for the Energy Boost which was banana and strawberry blended with orange juice. It was so good but despite the jars being gigantic, the amount of ice made it seem like there was a lot more juice (you can't fool me EBB!) which was a bit disappointing because at £2.95, it hardly filled a whole glass. 

Both Beth and I opted for a breakfast because "we love breakfast food!!". I ordered eggs hollandaise and Beth ordered the breakfast muffin - I did take a photo but it didn't do her order justice. We both finished our meal in about 10 minutes with Beth exclaiming "that didn't even touch the sides" (ha ha ha ha ha ha my favourite kind of person) so as amazing as the food was, we did regret not buying any side orders! Word of advice: if you opt for a breakfast-style meal and you're super hungry, just buy some damn chips too. Jess ordered the flat bread and some sweet potato fries (she had the right idea) and it went down really well. 

Winchester Hat Fair took place over the weekend so mum and I went down and partook in a little purse-party (spending lots of money, out of our purses) today (Sunday). I love the bustling streets of Winchester, although I do wish shoppers would walk only slightly faster than their usual speed of about 0.1 mph. I hate to moan but I really do feel as though shopping areas should organise itself like a motorway - with a slow lane and a fast lane - to avoid further aggravation on my part. 

I wore really comfy dungarees and bought two new books, so today has been a great day! 

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