Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bronzing with Chanel

It's been absolutely ages since I last blogged, but seeing as the UK is about to be hit by a heatwave (can I get a woopwoop), I thought it would be appropriate to write about a product which makes achieving a natural summer glow so easy! 

I don't like wearing make-up when the weather is hot, and sometimes find my tinted moisturiser too sticky and dewy for warmer temperatures. I haven't worn foundation for a good month and my skin has been so grateful for it - it hasn't sought revenge in the form of breakouts! Could this possibly my skin's way of thanking me for not suffocating it with unnecessary lotions and potions? 

I bought the Soleil Tan De Chanel after reading some great reviews but unless you want to walk out of the door looking like an original oompa loompa, I would suggest you steer clear of this bronzing make-up base. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan and had to return it. Perhaps I'm applying it wrong but the colour itself is far too pigmented for my liking and I hate feeling 'fake'. There are two ways to apply it: to highlight cheekbones or it can be combined with a little moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser. Considering it's loved by so many, I was disappointed that it didn't work as well but the end result was far (far far far) from the natural look I wanted. 

I bought the next product on a complete whim. To be completely honest, the flower pattern was my sole reason for purchasing - have you ever seen a powder look this pretty? - but the colour itself is lovely once applied to the skin. There are so many bronzers out there and they're all heavily pigmented with orange or dark brown tones, but this one is so subtle. 

The flower no doubt will slowly fade but if you're looking for something that sits lightly on the skin, a powdered bronzer is probably best. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rancho, Southampton

To celebrate my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary, a big group of family headed to Rancho in Southampton. I looked at the menu beforehand and thought the prices were ridiculously expensive but with food that tastes so good, it just shows that often you pay for what you get. This was some of the nicest tasting food I've ever had when eating out. 

The only (the only) downfall was the hour long wait for the food, but the quality more than made up for it. I think waiting for the food makes you appreciate it more and when it eventually arrived I ate every single thing that sat on my plate in approximately 9 minutes. 

I opted for the Adobo Chicken with chips (sat in a bowl beside this plate) and spinach. I really love wilted spinach and I don't know what seasoning they use but the chicken was so so so sooo good. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, so the original portion of chicken is a lot bigger than you can see in the photo. Rancho is a renowned steakhouse but I'm not really a fan of steak. However according to everyone else, it was 'the best steak they've ever had'

The picture below doesn't really appeal to me but I wanted to show you how big the pieces are, and most dishes come with salad and chips. 

I will definitely be going back because the food can't be faulted whatsoever.

43-45 High Street, Southampton