Friday, 22 May 2015

What I'm Reading: Cecelia Ahern

Following the success of the P.S. I Love You film adaptation, I was really keen to delve further into more works by Cecelia Ahern, and The Book of Tomorrow didn't disappoint! Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors (ever) because she has the capacity to make me laugh from the word go! Considering I'm in the middle of an English degree, it's pretty refreshing to read a novel that tells a gripping tale with no difficult phrases and ridiculous words in sight! 
I instantly grew attached to the character Tamara and after just two chapters, you'll honestly feel like she's a hilarious close friend who says aloud most things we're too afraid to say. A ballsy, confident and fun character lost in a remote village and surrounded by a realm of secrets - which you eventually find out. There's nothing greater than when you're reading a book that's SO GOOD, you tell yourself 'just one more chapter' whilst your eyes are struggling to stay open!

As with most of Ahern's settings, the novel is set in rural Ireland, although this one is equipped with castles, a travelling library, ancient history and magic.

Ahern writes so brilliantly and I can't wait to read The Year I Met You. 

You'd be an eejit (ha ha ha) to ignore this one...

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