Thursday, 14 May 2015

Trago Lounge

I had my last exam on Monday and I'm now free of deadlines until September, so what better way to celebrate than with a really really re-he-heeeally tasty breakfast at Trago Lounge. 

I really loved the restaurant's decor - I absolutely love a wall covered in frames! The atmosphere was relaxed and I can't recommend their brunches (which are served all day - WOOHOO!) enough, but more on that later. 

I abstained from running over to a dog sat with its owner in the lounge and giving it a big hug because I was really hungry and didn't have the energy, but thought it was lovely that the restaurant allowed pets to chill with a bowl of water whilst their owners lounge around in the lounge. 

I asked the typical Elena question whilst ordering: 'do you charge for tap water?' 

(You might think 'stupid question', but imagine if I asked for water and they charged me for it? I'd rather buy a drink worth paying for...)

'No we don't, it's illegal to charge for water' 

'Oh right just checking, I'll have tap water please' 

Next to the bar sits two jugs of ice cold water with cups so you can refill as you please which is a great set up in my opinion! Did you know, if someone walks into a restaurant and asks for a glass for water, Trago {and other restaurants} are obliged to supply it. You learn something new everyday. #funfact 

I had the Lounge Eggs which consisted of two poached eggs served with hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin, with bacon and spinach. At first glance I fell in love, and at first taste I fell even harder... 

I almost opted for the stack of pancakes drenched in peach sauce and yoghurt and covered  in strawberries, but today I was in a  savoury mood - does anyone else have 'food moods'? 

I wore my waistcoat from Zara and a white blouse, unfortunately it was pouring down with rain and absolutely freezing (Britain cold in May - no way, really?!) so I walked through the high street with a plastic bag on my head - to all those who saw me, you're welcome for the laughs - and arrived at Trago looking like a drowned rat. 

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