Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Utility Skirt & Frill

Recently I've been buying clothes that I know will last me a really long time, as opposed to buying something I know I'll only wear once. My friend Nadia would always come round and rummage through my wardrobe and she'd always say 'this has a tag in it still...another tag...have you even worn this?' and my answers would always be 'yep...yep...mmm, no'. I managed to get a job a week after my 16th birthday and thought it was always a really good idea to buy things and then wear them only once - a terrible habit that I've learnt to overcome (3 years later...). 

I really love neutral shades and thought this skirt from Warehouse looked real comfy but also quite classic. It's a bit of an odd design because there's no lining and, if the D-ring came loose and the clasp unclasped, the skirt becomes a skirt NO MORE - it's essentially a piece of material you wrap around and secure at the front. I love that D-rings are a trend at the moment and I love that this one is a rusty gold. 

I'd been after a white off the shoulder frill top for a while, but didn't want to buy a cropped one as I wanted to pair it with trousers and jeans -  luckily I came across a longer one from Warehouse.

Louie always has to get involved - he's mastered the 'one leg in front' pose...

Top: Warehouse 
Skirt: Warehouse
Shoes: Topshop (from a few years ago!)

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