Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tan Suede, Lace and Dainty Details

The only thing that would make this whole situation a lot more exciting would be if Paolo sung New Shoes as I strut around my room in my new brown suede heels. It's true, I'm in love with Mr Nutini, but suddenly it's feasible to suggest that my love for these shoes is possibly greater than the love for my man Paolo. 

That's a big deal and a lot of love. 

I love laced shoes at the moment and squealed with happiness when I found these. I wore these heels out about a week ago and tied the lace into a bow at the front. However all I've done below is tied the lace at the back and tucked it into the back of the shoe. 

I love this necklace I spotted in Accessorize. I prefer dainty jewellery and thought this one in particular was pretty and simple. Pretty simple. 

Despite my professed love for Paolo at the beginning of this post, my song for the day is: Slo Mo Tiger Glow by Fiona Bevan. It features on an advert and I loved it as soon as I heard it! I have a tendency to hear a song and google the lyrics to find it. I pity you if you end up watching box sets/films with me - I'll pause it profusely to allow myself time to save the lyrics on my phone in order to research it later. Some will think of it as annoying, others will think of me as a detective. If my plans for the future don't work out, I'll become a professional song finder. 

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