Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Rolling My Way to Curled Lashes

I was fairly content using a nearly-dried-out Mac mascara paired with my Little Black Primer to create fuller looking lashes. Yet Benefit's persuasive marketing strategies, the pretty packaging and the friendly saleslady meant there was no escape. I had seen so many great reviews claiming the 'hook and roll' technique with this particular mascara worked wonders so I bought Roller Lash, and I'm really happy with the outcome. 

Upon opening the mascara, the rubber brush looked similar to others I have used before and for this reason I anticipated that the mascara would give a fairly similar result. After just one stroke, it became apparent that this was most definitely not the case: the results are really effective and so very visible. My lashes were instantly separated - I wouldn't expect any less from Benefit! 

Prior to purchasing I had mentioned that my mascara often brushes off, leaving black flakes under my eyes but I was reassured that Benefit's mascaras don't use fibres to thicken the consistency (as most mascaras contain these fibres) which means Roller Lash won't leave me with dark under eyes. 

With Roller Lash, the rubber comb brush creates a lash-lengthening look and I'm super-happy with this super-curling and lifting mascara. 

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