Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oil Pulling

If I manage to go a whole day without coming across a celebrity promoting 'Mr Blank' teeth whitening products, then I call that an achievement. Plastered all over social media, it seems teeth-whitening has become a major trend with celebrities backing certain products. I can't really say if Mr Blank or Cocowhite work because I haven't tried them, but what I can say is that I've found a cheaper alternative for everyone who's a little apprehensive about spending money on something that doesn't take effect straight away, like me. 

All hail the item with a multitude of magic uses: pure coconut oil.  

I've mentioned previously that coconut oil is great for growing eyebrows and eyelashes, smoothing and replenishing hair - and it can even be used to make your (fried) dinners slightly healthier! Now I've learnt that it can also combat the discolouring of teeth, restoring them back to a clean white in the purest, most natural way. 

It involves melting the solidified oil and swashing it around in your mouth for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Honestly, fifteen minutes was far too long for me; I only lasted about ten. It's harder than it sounds, keeping a thick fluid in your mouth for a long time is a challenge - especially when gag reflexes are involved - but for a brighter and whiter smile, I think it's worth it. 

Oil pulling is an ancient technique that supposedly draws out all toxins in your body. The process is said to improve health, primarily oral health. Loved by Gwyneth Paltrow and beauty editors alike, coconut oil is pulled and pushed through the teeth and any bacteria hiding is drawn out by the oil (the oil acts as a magnet). 

You can swish the oil in your mouth, slather the oil on your brows and eyelashes, and sauté vegetables in the oil. 

If you're not already a coconut fiend like me, you should know coconut oil is a vital component for the kitchen. 

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