Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day-to-Day Making Up

I always love reading blog posts about the make-up women use on a daily basis as I really enjoy trying out products that have been recommended. I have a habit of buying make-up and then I end up barely using it, but it's always good to have tucked in the drawer... just in case!

For day to day use, I tend to stick with a few products and I've described these below. 

Here is my face: 

And here is what I've used on it:

Mac Face and Body Foundation (shade C3) - Possibly the greatest foundation I've ever used. It's not ridiculously expensive (like most high-end beauty products) and is the only foundation I've ever bought more than once. It's incredibly light and doesn't leave the skin feeling overly oily; and the reason I love this product so much is because most foundations have a tendency to completely dry my skin out, but this hero product doesn't. Ha-lle-luuuuujah! 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - I previously mentioned that I felt that this bronzer was only slightly too dark - but rest assured I've finally learnt how to master the brush applicator and I'm happy with how the product sits on my skin. I only apply this on my cheeks and if I don't have time - or the ability - to check that I've not applied a dark brown line on either side of my face (in the early hours of the morning before work when my eyes haven't quite opened fully) I opt for my Bobbi Brown bronzer (in shade medium), which is equally as good, and easy to just brush over the upper forehead and around the outer edges of my cheeks. 

Benefit Roller Lash - The best mascara I've ever used - I only bought it a few weeks ago but I do believe it's going to take a lot of convincing from anyone to try any other! Cue Carly Rae Jepsen - I really really really really really really like you...

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter  - A cheaper alternative to Benefit's High Beam. I bought this quite a while ago and have only just started to use it more often. It's so easy to apply and looks great on the eyebrow bone and just below the outer corners of the eyes. 

The Body Shop Baked to Last Bronzer ( shade 02 Warm Glow) - I was tricked into buying this by its beautiful marble effect. I apply this only lightly over my cheeks because I love the glow it gives. 

I tend not to fill in my eyebrows because my eyebrows are so dark as it is that they'd end up looking unnecessarily harsh. Having spent a while growing them out, there tends to be gaps which are easily hidden by just brushing them through. I did use a brown Mac eyeliner in Earthline for a while during the growing-out-process, and this worked quite well. 


  1. Great products. I like this makeup on you. xx

    1. Ah thank you Nina and thanks for reading! :) You have a lovely blog! xxx