Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Trip to the Seaside

The last time I went to Brighton saw the beginning of my irrational fear of pigeons/birds aka anything with flapping wings. I was young and a bird flew right over my head in a vicious attempt to steal my chips. Lesson for anyone out there - don't try and take my food, I'll never forgive you for it. 

I've been meaning to visit Brighton for a while, photographs I'd seen scrawled over social media sites instigated a burning desire to visit the beautiful coloured houses and Brighton pier. 

A big thank you to England for teasing us with warm and sunny weather forecasts only to present us with a cloudy, albeit warm, day. It was only a slight shame that the sun wasn't shining brightly but the warm air made up for it. 

After a few days of sun in the South, we headed for the seaside and planned to eat our body weight in amazing food. I envisaged us sitting on the beach, running into the sea (but stopping once it reached our ankles), eating Brighton's famous rock accompanied by chips - who goes to the beach and doesn't get chips? - and finally we'd eat ice-cream, stopping to visit cafes that sell tea and cake.

Instead, we went straight to Bill's for breakfast, explored vintage shops, went to the beach for only a short while and ran to the centre of happiness: the shopping centre. 

My beautiful and fab friend Grace looking at her pancakes with a look that can only be read as saying 'come to mumma'...  the Bridesmaids quote comes to mind: "I'm gonna climb that like a tree". 

The restaurant was busy and filled with happy customers. I have visited Bill's before and there on the ceiling were hanging chillies galore! I'm not aware of their purpose, but it looked pretty cool nonetheless.

I saw this shop and genuinely felt like I was in a Notting Hill scene. Notting Hill is one of the greatest films and rarely do I find a pretty privately-run Bookshop when out. 

My favourite colour is yellow and wearing a yellow top, I couldn't not take a photo next to the yellow house. 

The top I'm wearing is from Zara. It's a loose top that is belted at the waist. The shape is quite unusual and isn't similar to something I already own which is great. 

My shoes are from New Look, and only recently too. New Look shoes never disappoint - the prices aren't ridiculous and they fit brilliantly! One word of advice however, don't wear new shoes for the first time when the outing requires extensive walking...

Brighton is such a lovely place and makes for a perfect day out. I was quite disappointed that the clouds successfully hid all possible glimpses of the sun which meant viewing a sunset wasn't going to happen! 

I'm quite jealous of those who call Brighton home, but with several hotels perched right along the seafront and a number of B&B's scattered around the town, you too can enjoy the area. 

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