Friday, 3 April 2015

A Floral Border Midi

My love for floral print seems to have made its way into my wardrobe once again - only this time it's taken the form of an A-line style midi skirt. I was searching for a black midi skirt appropriate for a night out but as soon I spotted this on Asos, I instantly fell in love. The skirt completely defies the category of skirt I was searching for but when something is as pretty as this, it's hard to walk away. People always say that when you go in search for love, you don't find it; when you stop searching, it finds you. And this skirt found me. I took one look and thought 'you my friend, you're coming with me' and I added it to my basket and haven't looked back since. 

I didn't want to pair this with a cami, a cami that I'd tuck in which would then hang loosely over the skirt, as this is something I wear often with skirts. I found a cropped black long-sleeved top and thought this would complement the colourful skirt's hem. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I state that black is a colour that works with every outfit. 

I think the outfit is quite formal, so this post may act as a little inspiration for those of you  who have a wedding coming up, or a special birthday get together. 

My shoes are from Topshop, bought a few years ago. They're not the comfiest things to wear on a night out but no pain no gain! 

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