Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oil Pulling

If I manage to go a whole day without coming across a celebrity promoting 'Mr Blank' teeth whitening products, then I call that an achievement. Plastered all over social media, it seems teeth-whitening has become a major trend with celebrities backing certain products. I can't really say if Mr Blank or Cocowhite work because I haven't tried them, but what I can say is that I've found a cheaper alternative for everyone who's a little apprehensive about spending money on something that doesn't take effect straight away, like me. 

All hail the item with a multitude of magic uses: pure coconut oil.  

I've mentioned previously that coconut oil is great for growing eyebrows and eyelashes, smoothing and replenishing hair - and it can even be used to make your (fried) dinners slightly healthier! Now I've learnt that it can also combat the discolouring of teeth, restoring them back to a clean white in the purest, most natural way. 

It involves melting the solidified oil and swashing it around in your mouth for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Honestly, fifteen minutes was far too long for me; I only lasted about ten. It's harder than it sounds, keeping a thick fluid in your mouth for a long time is a challenge - especially when gag reflexes are involved - but for a brighter and whiter smile, I think it's worth it. 

Oil pulling is an ancient technique that supposedly draws out all toxins in your body. The process is said to improve health, primarily oral health. Loved by Gwyneth Paltrow and beauty editors alike, coconut oil is pulled and pushed through the teeth and any bacteria hiding is drawn out by the oil (the oil acts as a magnet). 

You can swish the oil in your mouth, slather the oil on your brows and eyelashes, and sauté vegetables in the oil. 

If you're not already a coconut fiend like me, you should know coconut oil is a vital component for the kitchen. 

Monday, 20 April 2015


This morning I spent some time picking wildflowers which I plan to eventually press. It's one of the easiest ways to create simple flower art and the flowers look equally as beautiful after pressing as they do prior to the process. I pressed some roses a while ago before they withered and they're looking really good. I'll post about the roses and the flowers shown below soon!

I've written a post detailing the simplest and cheapest way to press here.

If you end up creating some flower art of your own, let me know in the comments and I'd love to see the results!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day-to-Day Making Up

I always love reading blog posts about the make-up women use on a daily basis as I really enjoy trying out products that have been recommended. I have a habit of buying make-up and then I end up barely using it, but it's always good to have tucked in the drawer... just in case!

For day to day use, I tend to stick with a few products and I've described these below. 

Here is my face: 

And here is what I've used on it:

Mac Face and Body Foundation (shade C3) - Possibly the greatest foundation I've ever used. It's not ridiculously expensive (like most high-end beauty products) and is the only foundation I've ever bought more than once. It's incredibly light and doesn't leave the skin feeling overly oily; and the reason I love this product so much is because most foundations have a tendency to completely dry my skin out, but this hero product doesn't. Ha-lle-luuuuujah! 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - I previously mentioned that I felt that this bronzer was only slightly too dark - but rest assured I've finally learnt how to master the brush applicator and I'm happy with how the product sits on my skin. I only apply this on my cheeks and if I don't have time - or the ability - to check that I've not applied a dark brown line on either side of my face (in the early hours of the morning before work when my eyes haven't quite opened fully) I opt for my Bobbi Brown bronzer (in shade medium), which is equally as good, and easy to just brush over the upper forehead and around the outer edges of my cheeks. 

Benefit Roller Lash - The best mascara I've ever used - I only bought it a few weeks ago but I do believe it's going to take a lot of convincing from anyone to try any other! Cue Carly Rae Jepsen - I really really really really really really like you...

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter  - A cheaper alternative to Benefit's High Beam. I bought this quite a while ago and have only just started to use it more often. It's so easy to apply and looks great on the eyebrow bone and just below the outer corners of the eyes. 

The Body Shop Baked to Last Bronzer ( shade 02 Warm Glow) - I was tricked into buying this by its beautiful marble effect. I apply this only lightly over my cheeks because I love the glow it gives. 

I tend not to fill in my eyebrows because my eyebrows are so dark as it is that they'd end up looking unnecessarily harsh. Having spent a while growing them out, there tends to be gaps which are easily hidden by just brushing them through. I did use a brown Mac eyeliner in Earthline for a while during the growing-out-process, and this worked quite well. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tan Suede, Lace and Dainty Details

The only thing that would make this whole situation a lot more exciting would be if Paolo sung New Shoes as I strut around my room in my new brown suede heels. It's true, I'm in love with Mr Nutini, but suddenly it's feasible to suggest that my love for these shoes is possibly greater than the love for my man Paolo. 

That's a big deal and a lot of love. 

I love laced shoes at the moment and squealed with happiness when I found these. I wore these heels out about a week ago and tied the lace into a bow at the front. However all I've done below is tied the lace at the back and tucked it into the back of the shoe. 

I love this necklace I spotted in Accessorize. I prefer dainty jewellery and thought this one in particular was pretty and simple. Pretty simple. 

Despite my professed love for Paolo at the beginning of this post, my song for the day is: Slo Mo Tiger Glow by Fiona Bevan. It features on an advert and I loved it as soon as I heard it! I have a tendency to hear a song and google the lyrics to find it. I pity you if you end up watching box sets/films with me - I'll pause it profusely to allow myself time to save the lyrics on my phone in order to research it later. Some will think of it as annoying, others will think of me as a detective. If my plans for the future don't work out, I'll become a professional song finder. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Trip to the Seaside

The last time I went to Brighton saw the beginning of my irrational fear of pigeons/birds aka anything with flapping wings. I was young and a bird flew right over my head in a vicious attempt to steal my chips. Lesson for anyone out there - don't try and take my food, I'll never forgive you for it. 

I've been meaning to visit Brighton for a while, photographs I'd seen scrawled over social media sites instigated a burning desire to visit the beautiful coloured houses and Brighton pier. 

A big thank you to England for teasing us with warm and sunny weather forecasts only to present us with a cloudy, albeit warm, day. It was only a slight shame that the sun wasn't shining brightly but the warm air made up for it. 

After a few days of sun in the South, we headed for the seaside and planned to eat our body weight in amazing food. I envisaged us sitting on the beach, running into the sea (but stopping once it reached our ankles), eating Brighton's famous rock accompanied by chips - who goes to the beach and doesn't get chips? - and finally we'd eat ice-cream, stopping to visit cafes that sell tea and cake.

Instead, we went straight to Bill's for breakfast, explored vintage shops, went to the beach for only a short while and ran to the centre of happiness: the shopping centre. 

My beautiful and fab friend Grace looking at her pancakes with a look that can only be read as saying 'come to mumma'...  the Bridesmaids quote comes to mind: "I'm gonna climb that like a tree". 

The restaurant was busy and filled with happy customers. I have visited Bill's before and there on the ceiling were hanging chillies galore! I'm not aware of their purpose, but it looked pretty cool nonetheless.

I saw this shop and genuinely felt like I was in a Notting Hill scene. Notting Hill is one of the greatest films and rarely do I find a pretty privately-run Bookshop when out. 

My favourite colour is yellow and wearing a yellow top, I couldn't not take a photo next to the yellow house. 

The top I'm wearing is from Zara. It's a loose top that is belted at the waist. The shape is quite unusual and isn't similar to something I already own which is great. 

My shoes are from New Look, and only recently too. New Look shoes never disappoint - the prices aren't ridiculous and they fit brilliantly! One word of advice however, don't wear new shoes for the first time when the outing requires extensive walking...

Brighton is such a lovely place and makes for a perfect day out. I was quite disappointed that the clouds successfully hid all possible glimpses of the sun which meant viewing a sunset wasn't going to happen! 

I'm quite jealous of those who call Brighton home, but with several hotels perched right along the seafront and a number of B&B's scattered around the town, you too can enjoy the area. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Rolling My Way to Curled Lashes

I was fairly content using a nearly-dried-out Mac mascara paired with my Little Black Primer to create fuller looking lashes. Yet Benefit's persuasive marketing strategies, the pretty packaging and the friendly saleslady meant there was no escape. I had seen so many great reviews claiming the 'hook and roll' technique with this particular mascara worked wonders so I bought Roller Lash, and I'm really happy with the outcome. 

Upon opening the mascara, the rubber brush looked similar to others I have used before and for this reason I anticipated that the mascara would give a fairly similar result. After just one stroke, it became apparent that this was most definitely not the case: the results are really effective and so very visible. My lashes were instantly separated - I wouldn't expect any less from Benefit! 

Prior to purchasing I had mentioned that my mascara often brushes off, leaving black flakes under my eyes but I was reassured that Benefit's mascaras don't use fibres to thicken the consistency (as most mascaras contain these fibres) which means Roller Lash won't leave me with dark under eyes. 

With Roller Lash, the rubber comb brush creates a lash-lengthening look and I'm super-happy with this super-curling and lifting mascara. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Button Down A-Line

Happy Easter! What better way to celebrate than by wearing a caramel chocolate coloured skirt. 

I'd been searching for a cheaper alternative to Topshop's suede tan a-line skirt and I was so happy after stumbling across an identical version for over a third of the price. 

I'm so excited by the prospect of the A-line style skirt trend; they're comfy, versatile, can be dressed up and dressed down. I love the camel colour and originally paired the skirt with a white shirt (I have so many white shirts it's embarrassing) but thought I'd do something different and paired it with blue shirt (still a shirt but...small steps). 

I thought about wearing this shirt with a new white off the shoulder 'bardot' style blouse I bought recently but when you live in England, summer clothes don't bode well with the British arctic conditions. 

I think Louie was only a little jealous that I didn't buy him one. This looks like a scene out of Cinderella when the stepsisters (Louie) get jealous of Cinderella's pretty dress (my camel skirt) and in an envious bid to destroy it they quite literally attack her and the dress. Seems to me as though I've got a dog with a passion for fashion.


He's a lot friendlier in real life than this photo suggests! Just don't get in the way of him and his food (the same applies with me) and you won't be subjected to his dark side. 

Topshop Shirt (similar) | New Look Skirt | H&M Boots (similar

Friday, 3 April 2015

A Floral Border Midi

My love for floral print seems to have made its way into my wardrobe once again - only this time it's taken the form of an A-line style midi skirt. I was searching for a black midi skirt appropriate for a night out but as soon I spotted this on Asos, I instantly fell in love. The skirt completely defies the category of skirt I was searching for but when something is as pretty as this, it's hard to walk away. People always say that when you go in search for love, you don't find it; when you stop searching, it finds you. And this skirt found me. I took one look and thought 'you my friend, you're coming with me' and I added it to my basket and haven't looked back since. 

I didn't want to pair this with a cami, a cami that I'd tuck in which would then hang loosely over the skirt, as this is something I wear often with skirts. I found a cropped black long-sleeved top and thought this would complement the colourful skirt's hem. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I state that black is a colour that works with every outfit. 

I think the outfit is quite formal, so this post may act as a little inspiration for those of you  who have a wedding coming up, or a special birthday get together. 

My shoes are from Topshop, bought a few years ago. They're not the comfiest things to wear on a night out but no pain no gain!