Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Ultimate Dream Cream: 8 Hours & Countless Uses

Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream really is a wonder cream. Many products parade across our screens in the form of advertisements, but one product that doesn't need to prove itself is this 8 hour balm. 

This bronzed orange-tinted cream has so many uses - you can literally apply it anywhere and you'll notice a big difference afterwards. I was introduced to this by my mum and it quickly became apparent, after I researched it online, that it's a favourite amongst many -  particularly make-up artists! 
I applied it to my face everyday whilst abroad and I had no issues with dryness and my nose didn't peel once after sunbathing, not even when I arrived home - miracle! The sun often leaves my face feeling tight and I find aftersun lotions too harsh but this cream left my skin feeling supple and cared for. 

With a similar consistency to Vaseline, this isn't a day moisturiser but can be applied to chapped lips daily. Available in unscented or its classic citronella version, the cream really does have an infinite amount of uses: for dry skin, sunburn, or as a lip balm! It can be used on eyebrows too to keep the hair in place, or even as a dewy eyeshadow. 

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