Friday, 13 March 2015

Room Details & Roses

Shopping for the home is equally exciting as shopping for food and new clothes. 

I love buying things for my room and one of my all-time-favourite programmes has got to be DIY SOS: The Big Build. Seeing the smiling faces of families who have been struggling after their new house is revealed makes me cry every single time without fail. I love it when really deserving people are helped. We're all capable of brightening someone's day and DIY SOS's  team is great with some of the loveliest people involved. Seeing a house's transformation is so exciting and is my second favourite moment of the show (the first is the big reveal) so home decor is something I'm actually pretty passionate about. 

I thought I'd share some of my bedroom details - even if this isn't interesting for you, I think it'll be funny to look back in a few years to see if I'm as keen on my room decor as much as I am now... 

If you're looking for things that stand out than not everyone will have then TK Maxx is your best bet. I purchased some frames that I fell in love with straight away and 'do I reeeally need them?' wasn't uttered once - which is something I always say when I'm shopping for clothes. 
I say this, but buy the clothes anyway. Good intentions to not spend any money are always there, however rarely do they beat the 'oh well I work hard, this top would look great with those shorts that still have the label on...the shorts I've never worn but will wear in the summer because right now it's too cold...but maybe when I go on holiday I can wear both items together so even though I don't really need the top right now, I'll need it in a few months'.

Moral of the story: buy the photo frames because you'll use them straight away. Unlike that top you wore once for a night out. 

I don't think I'll ever tire of a wall covered in photo frames. The majority of these wall frames are from IKEA. I think next time I'll opt for a mix of brown, white and black frames as opposed to all white. 

This cream rose chandelier was from Homebase about 3 years ago! There are so many available that are almost identical - and some are actually a little nicer too! I think a nice light can make a room look a lot grander. 

The first thing most people comment on upon walking into my room is the number of photographs I have pinned on boards and in frames. I love photos and you'll find they'll make you feel a million times happier if ever you're feeling down. 

I can't remember where any of the hanging hearts are from because my mum has a habit of buying one whenever she goes shopping... 

The jewellery box below is from a charity shop; there are always nice things hiding in charity shops! 

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