Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Guildford and a Trip to Bill's

Narrow cobbled streets are some of my favourite although when visiting Guildford for some shopping, don't do what I did and wear heeled boots. Stick with flats or trainers as the high street is very hilly!

My friend's birthday is coming up and we were on the hunt for a new outfit (any excuse for new clothes). We were left defeated by the high street stores and drove home with only one shopping bag - and that bag wasn't mine! I'm blaming the lack of clothing on the fact 1. there was no Zara (what an absolute nightmare) and 2. the shops must be in a state of confusion - who really knows how to dress during the transition from winter to spring? 

So many designer shops, yet so little money in the bank. I could have spent a fortune in Reiss but most items are well over £100 and I refrained with great, great, greeeeat difficulty. 

One thing that never lets me down is my best friend, food. And the food on offer did not disappoint; we arrived and headed straight for breakfast at Bill's. 

My beautiful little friend Felicity... And what a great backdrop for a photo by the way - the hanging chillies did it for me!

This is what I'd been anticipating the most: buttermilk and blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, bananas and strawberries. I could have eaten another three, no doubt about it. 

With so many drinks on offer, I nearly opted for the 'green smoothie', but I chose to go with the safe option and ordered a smoothie I knew I'd like: a strawberry and banana one!

Guildford has its very own Superga shop! Out of the beautifully colourful display, I still think I'd stick with a black pair and a white pair - although my heart is slowly being stolen by the beige/cream ones. 

Today I had my very first SNOG! And what a snog it was. I had mango pieces (I'm obsessed with mango) and strawberries. They're fairly expensive but the 'little snogs' are more than enough - any bigger and you'd get ultimate brain freeze!

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