Saturday, 7 March 2015

Chalk Valley, Southampton

Along London Road at 37 sits the ultimate burger restaurant. When I say ultimate, I mean the burgers are seriously, seriously good. I always order the chicken burger with sweet potato fries because I'm obsessed with sweet potato and the chip portions are ginormous! The menu allows for great choice but requires intense decision making considering you're given the opportunity to build your own. I say intense because food is so very important to me - I'm a dedicated foodie. 

I'm not much of a burger fiend but Chalk Valley defies all burgers and I can confirm the somewhat pricey menu is most definitely worth it. Equipped with a relaxed ambience and snazzy decor, the ingredients are all locally sourced and organic (even the ketchup and mayo is organic - and you can really tell too, the mayo tastes great); the meat is 100% grass-fed.

There is a meal deal option which makes it slightly cheaper, although this means you're given less fries which is just not an option for me I'm afraid. My lovely friend became full fairly quickly...and so I ate the rest of her chips too.

The food arrived within what felt like minutes and a thing of beauty was placed right before my eyes - I really felt like I was in the presence of something truly magical. Look at this food. Look at it.  

The meal left me defeated with a tummy fit to burst so unfortunately I didn't get to try their Salted Caramel Milkshake (made with organic milk). Looks like I'll have to visit again, never mind. 
Chalk Valley 37 London Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2AD


  1. The fries look so tasty! Also I'm not quite sure if you've read my comment under another post, I asked if you know any facebook blogger groups where bloggers could connect with each other :)

    1. They're so good and you get loads too which is great! Ahh I didn't get a notification - I'll read and reply now! :) x