Sunday, 22 March 2015

Anastasia Contour Kit

I presumed the highlighting and contouring technique would be quite difficult to master and I was partly right in thinking so! Everyone knows the magic contouring can achieve and I'm nowhere near an expert when it comes to make-up, but it's been a lot of fun following tutorials and using this kit. 

I ordered the palette from Cult Beauty and it arrived so quickly - in about two days! The Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit has been one of the most commended contouring palettes and it's so clear as to why. You're essentially buying 6 individual products because each shade does a different job. 

(The name of the shades Banana and Vanilla were the two that persuaded me to buy this palette - if they're amazing in milkshake form they're probably going to be great as make-up too, surely?)

Presuming you have applied foundation/concealer, I used the following shades in this way:

Banana - Brushed under the eyes (the yellow pigment cancels out any purple)

Vanilla - Used to highlight (I used this to highlight the t-zone: straight down the bridge of the nose, above the eyebrows and brushed lightly over the chin)

Fawn -  Used to create a thin line under the bottom lip, once blended this will give the lips a fuller look caused by the shadow effect; brushed across the jaw line; brushed over the cheekbones - similarly to how you'd apply blusher; and down the outer edge of both sides of the nose (to decrease the look of the width of the nose if necessary)

Sand - Once all of the above has been applied, blend the shade Sand down the bridge of the nose, and across the brown bone (under the eyebrow) 

Java & Havana - Similarly to bronzer, use these shades in conjunction with one another to create the perfect pigmented shade to accentuate the hair line 

A fairly basic guide, but sometimes I get confused by tutorials and so I find outlining in the most simplest way is often better. Contouring is actually quite a scary concept because it can change someone's entire facial structure. I haven't used the palette a lot so far but I'm presuming powder is the easiest way to contour - I would make an absolute mess attempting to do this with liquid foundation etc. 

I'll stick to using this palette for going out out simply to acquire a healthy glow because if there's one thing I've learnt, it's that I can't really do make-up like the professionals... 

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