Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Spring in my Step!

Spring is on its way! I woke up to blue skies and minimal clouds and I've even seen some daffodils growing - there's something about sunshine that makes everyone a whole lot happier! I'm anticipating the arrival of spring even more so because that means summer is even closer...
I love hearing new songs and I love it even more when I stumble across new artists. Attempting to complete some assignments that I've been putting off for a few weeks, I had YouTube opened in a separate window on my laptop and a band had been 'recommended' for me. I clicked on it and Young Maverick began playing; if their songs were a season, they would be summer. 

Young Maverick - 
Janitor | Running Around | Reception Deception

This is me dancing to Janitor:

This image should be a moving gif! If it's not moving, ignore the first embarrassing photo it's probably frozen on... 


  1. I completely understand you, it was so sunny today that I was tempted to wear a tshirt for the sunday walk! Sadly it's still too cold :/
    Maria xx

    1. It's not long until April which is usually a lot warmer than January-March! At least we had a glimpse of the sun, even if it was only for a few seconds haha! Hope you enjoyed your walk :) xx

    2. Yes, hopefully April will be warmer! Luckily today the sun is shining again, such a beautiful day :)
      If you don't mind me asking, do you know any blogger groups on facebook or similar where bloggers can connect and interact with each other? We have some from Germany but as I'm writing in english on my blog I'd love to connect more with british bloggers! xx

    3. I use bloglovin mostly, and as you're on Twitter, it may be worth following a few 'blog' Twitter pages solely dedicated to blog writers- you'll find people will check out the followers in search for new blogs to read! :) xx