Thursday, 19 February 2015

Whole Foods Market, Piccadilly Circus

At last, we have sun in England! I've been waiting for the sun to show ever since it hit January and we were finally graced with its presence. Yesterday, my mum and I travelled to London together and it was one of the greatest days (minus the bitterly cold weather). If you're ever in London, head down to Piccadilly Circus to Whole Foods Market. The shop is seconds away from Piccadilly Circus tube station! It sells some of the greatest things; ranging from juices and smoothies, salads, fresh fruit and vegetables. Also on offer, you'll find cakes, pastries and a variety of teas and coffee - which is great for when it's a freezing cold day in February and you need a little something to warm you up. 

I bought the Super Fruit smoothie, I heard pomegranates were involved so decided this was the one for me. Different to the usual 'smoothie' you find on the market, this tasted like only fruit was involved. No extra 'juice' added to liquidise it - just pure, blended fruit. This smoothie wasn't a pre-made smoothie, but there are lots of these available ready for a quick purchase (as you'll see in the photos below)! 

The shop presents an array of rainbow colours which I loved. I've never seen a shop so brightly coloured and decided that, if I lived in central London, I would be here every single day. 

What's this I see? Could it be? It is! IT'S CAKE. I headed straight for the patisserie counter.

Oh this looks good. This looks amazing. Which one shall I get? 

Maybe a muffin?

...or maybe a cookie? Maybe both?

PIZZA! I love pizza and all of the pizzas on sale actually looked very healthy. The shelf was quite bare so I presumed it's because they were flying off the shelves due to their great taste. See the pizza in the bottom left hand corner of the photo below? I could have eaten that all. I refrained, and left with cake instead. 

Almond croissants are my favourite croissants, and this one exceeded all expectations. It tasted a little like vanilla and I love vanilla; I don't think another almond croissant will ever be able to compete. 

My beautiful mum holding a meringue. What does the meringue look like?

A little like... do you agree?


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