Saturday, 21 February 2015

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

There's something really special about walking around a museum, surrounded by art and design. Equipped with marble walls and ceilings that bestow such grand architecture, they can arguably be regarded as pieces of art too (to be gawped at by me). What I love about the V&A is that they pay close attention to fashion as pieces of art, as well as sculpture and paintings. I love fashion although in this instance, the sculptures and paintings were much more exciting to look at. 

The V&A is well worth a visit and I urge anyone to go. They regularly hold exhibitions and there are a few exciting ones coming up in forthcoming months. Entry is free, although some separate exhibitions require an entry fee. 

I love buildings that look very Rome-esque. This is the outside of the V&A so instantly you know the museum itself is a lovely one. The V&A's exterior is beautiful, and what's inside is equally as stunning. 

I think I'm the only one who walks in and stares at the high ceilings, instantly accompanied by the phrases 'woooooooow' and 'aaaaaaaaaah' and 'THIS IS AMAAAZING'. I should really attempt to mask my amazement... 

Stain glass windows always catch my attention. So much work is involved to create such grand, colourful designs and the attention to detail is brilliant. I passed a man who was concentrating intently on recreating the sculpture with pencil and paper; he was so focused and from what I saw, his drawing looked amazing. 

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