Monday, 9 February 2015

Tea For Two and Two For Tea

The story begins with many different flavours, a few different branded tea bags and a whole load of biscuits (and cake). 

A good cup of tea is the curer of all bad moods. It's currently reaching arctic conditions in England, so tea is the only thing that'll lighten the otherwise darkened situation all Brits have found themselves in!

Being a lady Grey (*Gray) ourselves (...hahaha) I do believe my mum and I were destined to be lovers of tea and cake. 

The contents found within some tea bags present an array of health benefits! Green tea is my favourite - people tend to think that people only drink it because it's perceived to be healthy, but I genuinely love the taste. 

Twinings/Taylors Peppermint - I'm not peppermint tea's biggest fan...
Twinings Everyday Tea/Lady Grey - Tastes like normal tea! The best for dipping biscuits. 
Taylors Camomile and Vanilla - Camomile is great if you want to get a good night's sleep! It's calming, and can ease anxiety and depression too. I loved the added vanilla flavouring!
Taylors - Lemongrass and Ginger - Ginger is useful for alleviating stomach pain but the taste is an acquired one. I wasn't too keen on this tea but the lemongrass made it a little more bearable!

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