Sunday, 15 February 2015

Spirulina on Sundays

Eating food that is a little less healthy than others is 100% allowed - if it makes you happy to grab a spoon and eat a spoonful of Nutella, then you grab that spoon...and you eat that Nutella. Sometimes though, we all need something that makes us feel healthier and swapping that spoon of hazelnut goodness for a spoonful of spirulina is a really good idea. This green goodness will leave you feeling happy, fulfilled and super healthy. Every ingredient found within this smoothie is an ingredient our bodies love!
The blueberries, banana and acacia honey found within this one will sweeten it - almost masking the taste of spinach. I love spinach, but I know drinking liquidised spinach doesn't sound all that appealing. 

You will need:
- 1 banana (I froze a banana prior to the smoothie making!)
- 2 handfuls of spinach
- A few pieces of mango
- A handful of blueberries
- A cup of almond milk
- Acacia honey
- A tsp of spirulina powder

I don't know if this smoothie has been made before, as I've combined a few flavours that I hoped would work well together (which they do!), ingredients that were in the fridge and ingredients which I know are good for us, hoping that, because they're really healthy, the health factor would overrule the taste factor. But no fear - it's healthy and it tastes good!

Packed with vitamins and minerals, blueberries, mango and banana are some of my favourite fruits and they all taste great when blended together. 

Spirulina, something I have been keen to try for a long time, is an amazing superfood in the form of health-enhancing algae. 'ALGAE?', I hear you question, 'why would I eat something found in the SEA?'. When I hear 'algae' I picture a green, gooey plant floating along the ocean floor; but it's actually one of the best super foods that contributes to healthy vision, it's anti-ageing, excellent for the immune system and it's said to detoxify blood. 

Maybe spirulina is a mermaid's version of a salad? Maybe that's why they have long glossy hair and toned figures...maybe... 

Composed of over 60% protein, spirulina powder means the consumer is receiving all essential amino acids that our bodies can't otherwise produce. As well as protein, spirulina contains vitamins B and E, iron, beta-carotene (for glowing skin!), essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This means the algae has the ability to cleanse our livers, help our immune systems and lower cholesterol, with many other benefits. 

You'll be glowing from the inside out! 

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