Thursday, 26 February 2015

Little Comets at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Live music is always a lot of fun to listen to and little comets of happiness took over as Little Comets performed at Wedgewood Rooms located in Portsmouth. 

Most of their songs are upbeat and some of their lyrics are so meaningful which I love. I've been to the O2 a few times but much prefer watching acts perform in smaller venues. Nothing compares to the intimate settings and I prefer actually being able to see the singers' faces, as opposed to watching figures (a good one to listen to) perform in the distance! I first listened to 'Bridge Burn' and have been hooked ever since. 

The band is great to watch live because it looks like they're having a lot of fun; described as an indie band, their music is actually so different to anything else out there. Their guitar playing is quite literally out of this world (just like little comets) and Robert Coles has a really distinctive voice (and a pretty smile to match) which makes the band perfect in my opinion!

Accompanied by the amazing instrumentals is the depth of the lyrical content. Each song focuses intently on a story and their capacity to write such well thought out content is commendable given the fact a select few songs highlight serious matters. 

If you can drive and listen to the music without singing in your best Robert Coles voice then you're doing it all wrong! And if you can listen to Dancing Song and not sing the line 'so take your 37 digits and put them in her mobile PHONE'  then I just don't know. 

Bridge Burn | Worry | Little Italy (the acoustic version is great)One Night In October | Dancing Song | Her Black Eyes | Mathilda | Bayonne | Friday Don't Need It | Violence Out Tonight | Figures | The Western Boy

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