Thursday, 5 February 2015

Liquid Sunshine in a Bottle

Sun Beam by Benefit is a highlighter that gives instant radiance in the form of a golden bronze complexion. This was an impulse buy because the product packaging uses four of my favourite words: sun, beam, golden, bronze. These words scream SUMMER to me and summer is the season I am anticipating the most. 

I've used No.7's highlighter for a while and wanted to try something new. Benefit's Sun Beam is a little different in colour, but gives a similar result - it does exactly what it says on the description: [it] gives you a natural-looking sunkissed radiance. 

I ordered this from the brilliant website; delivery is fast, free and the company regularly offers discounts and promotion codes (which isn't good news for my bank card!)... I see the phrase '10% off' and feel obliged to order something, surely it would be rude not to? Even better, FeelUnique has plenty of branded products on offer, so it's really convenient to be able to buy all of your beauty necessities from one place!

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