Friday, 27 February 2015

How to: Grow your Brows

Growing your eyebrows can seem like the most heart-rending task. 

Thin, barely-there brows were popular in the late 90's but now, with the likes of Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins, big brows are back with a vengeance and women are now trying anything to have thicker, fuller looking brows.

It's so hard to grow eyebrows back once they've been obliterated by wax, tweezers and thread. I've been there! I was a victim of the monobrow when I was younger; shoutout to all the boys in year 7 who probably felt like they were looking at a walking, talking eyebrow on legs. Not eyebrows. Just one eyebrow.  Once you've passed the messy stage of leaving them be and growing them out, you'll be so happy with your new natural look and it'll require next to no effort to maintain them. 

I used to get my eyebrows threaded about every three weeks, but somehow managed to go 5 months without having them shaped. I've recently had them threaded again but before this, I was adamant to grow them out. I lasted weeks and weeks with untouched eyebrows (aside from minimal avoid retaining a Count Olaf monobrow).  If you don't know who Count Olaf is then google him; no one wants an eyebrow like that, do they? 

How to regain your natural brows:
- Pluck only if necessary. For weeks I had stray hair forming its own line which seemed to lie below my 'actual eyebrow'. Now, the lines have joined forces and they look a lot fuller.
- Coconut oil is said to be the best thing for growing eyelashes and eyebrows! This starts as a solid and once warm turns into a liquid. To speed up the process, place a tsp of the solidified coconut oil into a small dish and heat in the microwave for about 15 seconds. 
- Similarly to the hair on your head, massaging works wonders for hair growth. Massage your brows! 
- Brown eyeshadow is great if you want to hide gaps! I sometimes find eyebrow pencil and eyeliner far too harsh on the brow. A form of powder looks a lot more natural, and less drawn on. If you have dark eyebrows like me, Mac eye-liner in shade Earthline works as a great filler, and isn't too dark! 
- When you recognise a considerable amount of regrowth, go to a nearby beauticians and ask them to make them as natural as possible. Taking a photo is always a good idea, as this will inform them of the look you're trying to achieve! 
- Brow gel is always helpful. I'm keen to try Benefit's Brow Zing for this. Stray hairs that may look out of place are often part of your natural brow shape - all they need is gel to help keep them in place. 


  1. Your brows are so thick and pretty oh my gosh! :O (I'm trying to grow mine out after overplucking haha -.-)

    1. Aw thank you Emma haha! I wish I hadn't worried so much now about having them waxed and threaded when I was younger! Going through the 'hairy stage' is so worth it though because I don't need to have them threaded as often which saves money and time :) xx