Thursday, 12 February 2015


My favourite form of exercise is running. I used to run for about 5 minutes on a running machine and my body went into shut down mode after 60 seconds. Now, with regular exercise I can run for a lot longer and this makes me feel so much more alive from within. 

I'm not on a diet (unless that diet includes Nutella), and never wish to be, because I don't believe in denying yourself happiness in the form of food. And everyone knows, food is happiness. But it's good to eat things considered unhealthy in moderation.

If you have access to a running machine, the 6mph key is perfect for running! 7 is very fast and I run for a lot longer only running at 6. Interval training is great too - sometimes I walk at 3mph, go up to 5, then 6, I run at 8mph for 2 minutes, down to 6, and back to 3. It's been proven that interval training works more effectively in attempts to lose weight, but if you're trying to better yourself in terms of stamina, continuous running is great. 

Easter is fast approaching and I can't think of anything worse than an April without hot cross buns, mini eggs and easter eggs (hint hint, my favourite is white chocolate). So this post is in no way telling you to cut foods out, and it isn't a 'how-to post' on losing weight! It's just some easy hints and tips to keep your body and wellbeing upbeat and invigorated. 

Some people don't have time to do vigorous exercise, which I completely understand and can relate to. But, even sat at a desk, you can do the smallest of movements that will make a difference. 

A little more exercise justifies just one more piece of chocolate.

These Karimor trainers can be found on most sport websites. I also have Nike 5.0 Free Runs, but these were very expensive to buy. Karimor is a great brand but I would suggest trying these on for size as they do come up a little on the bigger, more 'roomy' side. 

Doing some squats, lunges and crunches in your bedroom means you don't need to pay a monthly outgoing for the gym. I work a lot harder at home than I used to at the gym because no one's watching... I know nobody really cares what others look like at the gym but being alone forces me to go 'all-out' and work extra hard!

Gear: I recently bought some Karimor running leggings, and a loose fitted top from Mango - these are very comfy although I would advise going one size up (if you're in between sizes) as running trousers can often be quite tight (tried and tested by me!). Investing in a pair of Nike Free Runs, or trainers designed specifically for exercise is definitely the right thing to do because appropriate wear avoids injury by reducing the strain you put your feet under. A simple t-shirt, some shorts and/or leggings are perfect for the gym. Spending vast sums of money on gym wear isn't necessary. 

Warm ups: Always warm up. I once went straight on the running machine without any form of warming up prior to a 30 minute run and I genuinely saw my life flash before my eyes as soon as my right calf started to tense... (a bit of an exaggeration but there's some truth in that). Stretching boosts your circulation too!

Breathing techniques: Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. This helps quite a lot if you're going to try out running - it allows you to run for a lot longer because you don't run out of breath so quickly. 

Exercising makes you a lot more supple! And releases endorphins (the happy hormones!) which means you'll feel refreshed and alive.

If you feel like making a little change in terms of fitness (internally and on the surface), make sure you choose your diets carefully - do some research. Always seek help from professionals; take advantage of the one to one sessions that many gyms offer when you first join. 

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