Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Commuting Essentials | What's In My Bag?

Men in particular are always told never to go through a woman's bag because who knows what they'll find? If you're looking through my bag, you'll probably find snacks.

When I say snacks, I mean I take snacks with me wherever I go. When I say wherever, I mean w-h-e-r-e-v-e-r. Even if it's a 10 minute journey to a friend's house - I could break down and be stranded on the side of the road for a good hour (you won't like me when I'm hungry). You must always take precautions; food is a necessity, if you can avoid it, never be without food. Never. If you're going on a day out with me, I suggest you bring snacks for me just in case, because if I'm extremely hungry I will not hesitate to eat you. Be warned. 

Snacks don't feature in this post by the way because I ate them before I allowed myself the opportunity to take photographs. 

I commute to university daily and always have the essentials with me but for this post, I've spruced things up a bit - added a little PIZZAZZ. (This word looks like pizza to me - I love pizza). 

This is what my bag would look like if I was travelling far distances! My bag is usually filled with receipts, my phone charger, vaseline and pens so solely for your entertainment I've omitted some of these boring things... 

Let's pretend my trusted Longchamp is accompanying me to a place where life smells a little more like sea salt air, tastes a little more like pizza, pasta and ice cream and sounds a little like the 'Moon River' song (who's seen the Galaxy advert?); a village called Positano in Italy.

This is my ultimate dream holiday destination at the moment.

I'm obsessed with Mango at the moment; I fell in love straight after Christmas when stumbling across their sale. I managed to buy these mahoosive sunglasses ready for the hot summer that (surely?) awaits England... 

This is probably my favourite scent - vanilla. I've been using Body Shop's Madagascan Vanilla Flower body perfume for a few years and love it even more than I did at the beginning! Scents tend to get a little boring after a while but this one is still my favourite. 

I love journals - at school, starting a new page in a new lined book would be a highlight of my school year.. I came across the website Paperblanks but they weren't shipping to the UK. This Paperblanks Burgundy Old Leather Foiled Journal was found on eBay! If you search 'Paperblanks Journal' I'm sure you'll find loads. 

My mum introduced me to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. I bought this at the airport prior to a long haul flight because skin can become seriously dehydrated whilst on a plane. This is fairly sticky and isn't so good for a day moisturiser and so is best applied before you go to bed. 

 My Longchamp bag is probably the best thing I've ever splurged out on. At £68, it took me a few days to justify spending this much money on a bag but I can honestly say it's the greatest bag I've ever owned. I bought the Large Tote, it fits everything in and the straps are big enough so it sits nicely on your shoulder without slipping down.


  1. I also have the Large Tote from Longchamp as my go-to bag, it's perfect! And I'd love to go to Italy this summer, though for me, my dream destination is Cinque Terre, have you ever heard of it? 5 little villages along the coast, so beautiful. :)
    Maria x

    1. It's so handy isn't it! So roomy haha, I never have any trouble filling it with all of my things! Ooo yes I have, near the Riviera isn't it I think? The photos look beautiful, all the colourful houses! Looks very similar to Positano and Capri! :) xx