Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Classic Claw Clip

I tend to wear my hair down every day, either curled or straightened (usually straightened). Despite it being easy and requiring minimal effort, I do wish I had the skills to put my hair up in a really snazzy way (just stepped out of the hairdressers style). As soon as I step out of the door, in true British style, it's inevitable that the wind will destroy all my effort in attempting to try something different. 
I'll admit, I feel a bit of a loon dedicating a post to a hair clip. But this one has (cool) claws. 
I like simplicity and I think the classic claw clip can make a little difference if you're used to rushing out of the house soon after blow-drying (or batiste-ing), straightening or curling. 

80's hairstyles are the coolest; they're simple, messy and really easy to do. When I say 80's hairstyles, I mean the half up-half down, tied with a scrunchie hairband look. (So when I say hairstyles, what I really mean is *hairstyle...that's the only one I know). I'm referencing the 80's because the claw clip gives a similar look. 


  1. Im the same as you.. i'm a hair down kinda girl.. and struggle with the wind.. or getting tangled in a scarf... my go to is sun glasses on top of my head to get it out of my face.. however in these grey cloudy london months I have probably looked a bit silly. I have wanted to get a clip for ages, and just keep forgetting but seeing this has reminded me, and it WILL HAPPEN TODAY!

    1. Wearing sunglasses is a good idea! Really silly...or really stylish? Haha! Your blog is so pretty - I love the colours! x