Monday, 23 February 2015

Body Shop Haul & Review

My mum and I love Body Shop products. Pictured below is a range of items we've bought over the past few months. It is common knowledge that Body Shop products can't be faulted! The body butters are loved by many (the coconut and vanilla ones are my favourite) but have you ever tried products that you'd otherwise pay little attention to? I've compiled a list of product reviews; if you're thinking about purchasing some new skincare/make-up, hopefully this will help. Body Shop products are comparatively cheaper than other brands but by no means are they of less greatness! 

When I think of Body Shop, I hear the words organic, clean and effective. The products contain no nasty chemicals - favouring plant based, natural ingredients. What's even lovelier is that they're against animal testing! A caring company intent on producing excellent essentials. 

Body Shop Sparkler Atomizer - This is a fine dry shimmer for the body. These are no longer available to buy but I'm sure Body Shop will release a similar product soon. The shimmer is subtle and is great for when you're going out out. I don't use this often but it adds a really nice touch and leaves skin sparkling.

Baked-To-Last Bronzer (in Warm Glow) - Walking into the Body Shop, I intended to buy just the BB Cream. Then, scripted on a sign, read the words '3 for 2'. THREE FOR TWO. That meant, if I bought three things, I'd essentially only be paying for two. What a great way to convince me to spend money that I should really be saving. Truthfully, I would have bought this product even if its only use was to be stared at. I've taken a photo extremely close up, just so you can enjoy it as much as I do. It looks like magic. I brushed it across my hand and instantly fell in love with the soft bronzed shimmer.

All-In-One BB Cream (in shade 02) - After lectures, I head for the high street and test new products in Body Shop, adding them to the list of things I intend to buy after 'payday'. I wear Mac foundation, but wanted to try something a little lighter. This starts as a white product, and when you begin to blend in the white fluid, the minuscule dark pigments burst which changes the colour of the product entirely. This adapts to your skin colour and leaves a flawless, dewey finish. 

Easily convinced when it comes to skincare like me, my mum was amazed by the shop assistant's description of the Nutriganics range. Mum is an avid Decleor user but was amazed when the assistant tested it on her hand; her skin was left smoother and brighter in tone. Containg no parabens and no silicones, Nutriganics Drops of Youth (do the words organic and chemical free spring to mind?) leaves skin feeling soft and supple. However it is worth mentioning that I only tested this as I don't like to use too many products on my skin. 

Nutriganics Smoothing Mask is great for cleaning out pores and removing any stubborn make-up. This isn't an everyday product, so will last quite a while. It dries somewhat like a clay mask. 

I've mentioned Body Shop's Vitamin C range in a previous post, but I can't emphasise how brilliant is it. It's Body Shop's no.1 best selling range, and it's so obvious why. It brightens the complexion: the microdermabrasion removes all impurities and the skin reviver (applied onto cleansed skin before make-up, or on its own) leaves my face feeling smooth. I tend to us this as a make-up primer but I sometimes apply if ever my skin feels dry and in need of some moisture. 

Signing up for a Body Shop card is an excellent idea if you're a Body Shop lover, and a regular buyer. You receive 10% discount for every purchase made and receive a free gift worth £5 when it's your birthday! PAR-TAY. 

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