Thursday, 15 January 2015

'Too much shopping?' I have no idea what you're talking about...

It has been such a long time since I last updated this blog - I had saved a few draft posts but didn't feel that they were worthy of publication, so for this I apologise (to my millions of fans out there who read this blog) (...completely joking). 
I turned 20 on the 12th December and officially joined the gran clan. The clan of grans and grandmas. The only bad thing about turning 20 is the fact that:
1. I am no longer a teenager
2. There's a big 2 at the front of the number

I'll use the excuse of turning 20 to explain where I have been for the last few weeks. My explanation being is that...I have been mourning. Mourning over the loss of my youth. The only thing that could truly cheer me up would be Christmas and buying nice new clothes. Both of which happened during my absence!

Zara is my absolute favourite shop, yet I hadn't been aware of the amazing-ness that is Mango. After seeing an advertisement on Facebook illustrating the Mango sale (THE LAPTOP MADE ME DO IT) I decided that Mango too sells the most beautiful clothes. Also, I love mango fruit so my love for the shop was surely inevitable...?

I'm a lover of nudes, browns, blacks, camels (the clothing not the species...hahaha...ha) beiges, golds, oranges and deep reds. Topshop is great with keeping on top of trends and I've bought several A-line skirts which look great on, and eliminate the need to 'eat light' before a night out, or during a night out due to the fact they're not bodycon. Which, if you're me, is a dream come true. 

The skirt shown in the far right photo is still available to buy, and here are a few others I love, all from Topshop!

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