Monday, 26 January 2015


If you're really lazy when it comes to printing photos off like me, then Polagram can help! I'm very keen and snap-happy when it comes to taking photos but not so eager when it comes to printing them. I rely far too much on memory sticks even though there is no guarantee that the storage device will last forever! Unfortunately, I've been unlucky enough to have lost so many images after a USB device malfunctioned and after numerous attempts to save lost files I've finally accepted that they're gone. Lost forever... 
I came across a few photography printing apps and Polagram seemed like the best bet. It prints photos straight from your phone and they're delivered almost instantly. I was quite apprehensive about the quality of printing due to the fact I wasn't charged a lot per photo but they arrived in perfect condition and the quality of the photo paper and the image is absolutely amazing. 

The great thing about this app is that it regularly promotes discounts and offers which saves a bit of expense! I love taking photographs and looking at the outcomes - when these arrive in the post it'll feel like CHRISTMAS! 
I chose to print the images in a square format, but the typical 'polaroid' format is also available, which is a favourite amongst many! If you choose to print them as a polaroid, it'll leave you a little blank space for you to title the photo - which only makes photographic memories all the more fun! 

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