Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nude Nails

After spending so many months trying to find the perfect nude nail varnish, I gave up my search and settled for OPI's Samoan Sands. In Cancun's duty free airport, I jumped at the chance to save a little money on the beauty industry's trusted brand that is OPI - recognisedly used in most professional beauticians. This individual shade is beautiful but was a little on the 'pink' side as opposed to a more neutral tone, nonetheless I continued to use it! 

With an hour to spare in between lectures, I walked down to the shopping high street and trawled through the Boots make-up counters testing endless Essie, Maxfactor and Rimmel shades, to no avail. With 5 different coloured nails, I was about to leave until I passed the Collection section (self-professed poet?). I had previously bought a few lip colours from Collection 2000 (the previous name) and loved the quality and results they gave. Almost Nude 10 was perched with its friends, minding its own business until I so rudely opened it up to test it only to find...IT WAS THE BEST SHADE OF NAIL VARNISH...I HAD EVER SEEN. I grabbed two with no doubts in my mind that this was the one. The One. The one I had been searching for, for practically my e-n-t-i-r-e life. 

'Gel Technology' I read. 'I LOVE TECHNOLOGY' I thought. It was destiny, I'm pretty certain. 

The nail varnishes can be found by clicking here, Almost Nude is currently sold out but I'm sure Boots will endeavour to replenish their stock as soon as possible!

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