Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January Favourites

Rose Hemp Hand Cream
I love Body Shop branded products, the body butters are the greatest scented lotions and the hand creams are amazing too! 
I was given Wild Rose Hand Cream for Christmas and it leaves my hands feeling smooth and hydrated. It's small enough to keep in a bag on the go and unsurprisingly, it smells great. 
You're not left with greasy hands after application and I'm 100% certain it strengthens the nails too!

Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream Perfume
For Christmas, I was given loads of mini perfumes because I tend to spritz a variety on each day which means when someone asks what I'm wearing, I have to reply with a long list: "it could be Daisy...mixed with a little vanilla...and some of my mum's Chanel...and possibly a bit of a sample perfume whose name I've forgotten...". It's never too much or overpowering though, most of them work quite well together!

Marc Jacobs perfumes are very popular (I love the bottles more than the scents) and Daisy Dream is equally as lovely as the original Daisy and Daisy Fresh. 
Benefit's Benetint
My mum has always loved a lip and cheek stain and prior to benetint, we used the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain, which is around £10. Benetint is a little more expensive but I wanted to see if there was any significant difference. Both products are very similar and so if you're looking to save money where you can - the Body Shop is a good brand to try. I don't use this everyday but if I have more time to get ready and if I'm going out, I'll brush this lightly over my lips and blend it in. This looks great on its own, so lipstick is not required. 

Bobbi Brown's Bronzer in Natural
I have mentioned this bronzer in a previous post but to elaborate, the colour is ideal for use with Mac's C3 and C4 Face and Body foundation. I tend to brush it over the top of my forehead and around the outer sides of my face, as advised by a Bobbi Brown make-up artist. There's nothing more annoying than applying foundation and a lighter coloured neck - so I brush this lightly over my neck with a large powder brush. 

Mac's SPICE Lip Liner Pencil
This lip liner works exceptionally well with Mac's lipsticks Velvet Teddy and Taupe, which are two of my absolute favourite lip colours. Any lighter nude lip colours than the two previously mentioned would probably work better with a lighter lip liner. 

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer
Bronzer was never something I had in my collection of make-up, but since the rise of celebrities and their 'contouring' techniques I thought I'd see how it works! This bronzer is one of the most loved and most used products with great reviews plastered all over the internet - and they're not wrong. The soft bronze powder when brushed over your complexion leaves a healthy looking glow to the skin; the natural bristled brush is a great application too, which is included in the product! I tend to apply it to my cheeks as opposed to my entire face (which you are able to do) in the hope that it contours my cheekbones! It can also be applied to contour the jaw line and down the centre of the nose and it's not overpowering in colour whatsoever. 

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser
Out of all the products, Vaseline's cocoa radiant moisturiser is the cheapest but by no means is it of lesser importance! Vaseline is a trusted brand (who doesn't carry a mini pot of vaseline for their lips in their bag?) and so I had no doubts about the effectiveness of this lotion. 
In a world of over-priced moisturisers, this simple bottle can be found at most supermarkets and for under £3, you can't go wrong. The cocoa radiant lotion penetrates skin deeply and fulfils its job of smoothing away any roughness and lessening the appearance of dark spots, so skin is left glowing! 
Most moisturisers work by sitting on top of the skin, often leaving a dewey, sticky feeling, whilst others sink quickly into the skin which means the skin is not thoroughly moisturised. Vaseline's moisturiser is different. The stratys-3 innovation is entirely different - with three different components (it's very science-y so I won't bore you with it) which essentially mean the top, middle and lower layers of skin are being moisturised effectively and properly. It infuses more moisture over all layers of skin!


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    1. It is, smells so clean and fresh - definitely worth the price! You have a beautiful blog! x

  2. Hey, just found your blog by clicking through the comments on the latest post on hello october, it's lovely! Had to follow you :)
    Btw I read that you study English Language Studies and Literature, I study the same! Only in Germany. I want to do a semester abroad next year so if I may ask, where exactly are you studying and how are you liking the University?

    Maria x

    1. Hey Maria! Aw thank you so much haha, I'll follow back - your blog is fab!
      Ah wow that's amazing, in English Language we're currently focusing on project-based work which requires us to complete work that mirrors a dissertation (if you're not familiar with a dissertation, it's essentially a final 3rd year project of about 10,000-15,000 words). We have to choose a question and it requires independent research, but we only need to write about 4,000 words for this one. I'm undecided but may focus on the language of marketing/advertising. In English literature, we're learning about Gothic literature in light of the Romantic period (around the 18th century) which is pretty interesting!
      The university is great - it's fairly small which is lovely because all students studying the same course know each other quite well! The campus is nice too, and the lecturers are great! The university itself is only a 10 minute walk from Winchester city centre (so there's always time for lots of shopping!). If you have any other questions please ask! :) xx

  3. really want to try the body shop cream and mac's lip liners!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Mac lip liners are the best ones I think! And the vanilla body butters from the Body Shop are the nicest! :) xx