Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy Healthy Hair

Endlessly posting about: make-up, ways in which we can keep our skin looking good and our outfits looking stylish - we tend to forget the importance of healthy and happy hair! I'm very lucky to have manageable hair but that doesn't mean it's always in excellent condition. I always take extra special care of my hair in terms of nourishment because neglecting hair can have devastating consequences on its quality in the long run. 

Luckily, I have one of the greatest hairdressers in the world! His name is Benn (shoutout to Benn for being a hero) and he's always pretty pleased with the condition my hair is in. Healthy hair is largely down to diet but there are a few products that can help your hair to achieve its full lusciousness potential...

I'm terrible with making hair appointments and tend to go for months without a haircut! But, if you can, try and tend to your hair every few months because a trim does wonders for regrowth and split ends!

From left to right: (1) Dr.Organic's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil (2) Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil (3) Argan Oil Hair Treatment 

Argan Oil is hair's favourite remedy, similarly with coconut oil it replenishes the hair follicles as well as split ends, dry knotted strands and a dry scalp too! 

Pure coconut oil is of solid form and to melt this into a liquid is simple - just run the bottle underneath some hot water and leave it in the water for about 2 minutes! The benefits of coconut oil are endless and I apply it to my eyebrows and eyelashes in an attempt to encourage growth, it also thickens the hair too. The health benefits, along with beauty benefits, are renowned worldwide. It is a natural anti-ageing moisturiser and as aforementioned, can be treated on dry scalps due to the fact it is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy! It has been known to treat skin conditions such as eczema (although do check with a parent/guardian/doctor before you apply to the skin, as everyone reacts differently with products!). It can be used as a massaging oil for the body also. Dr Organic's branded oil is truly amazing - I urge everyone to purchase this! Even if you don't use it for hair, it has an array of health benefits as stated and has been considered by a majority of nutritionists to be the best dietary oil. 

Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil is great to work with - it's ready to use straight away and, when applied before you sleep, you'll wake up in the morning with a soft head of hair! I should mention though that due to the deep replenishment it pervades on the hair, it'll take at least two washes to completely remove the oiliness, but after one wash it's barely noticeable so not to panic! And, if Liquid Gold from Morocco printed on the front of the bottle isn't enough to sway you into purchasing it then I don't know what it'll take. It had me convinced after the word gold - an excellent bit of marketing there by the company...

The Argan Oil on the far right is perhaps not the best of oils to use. It certainly nourishes the hair, however to the point that the texture of the hair is left quite greasy upon application and after the removal of a simple hair wash. I would say it took at least three to four thorough washes to remove all traces of oil. Nonetheless, it fulfilled its criteria in treating the hair so in essence, it cannot be faulted entirely. 

Bouncy, healthy, happy hair with great durability is achievable!

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