Sunday, 19 October 2014

Talking Politics With The BBC

There were lights, cameras and lots of action on Monday 13th October; I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to contribute in an interview/discussion concerning the concept of English votes for English people following the Scottish Referendum. I say 'interview' (which is what I presumed it would be) but I was excited to learn that the lovely Marion Roe (a BBC news producer) and a great BBC correspondent were organising a series of, albeit short, mini documentaries for the 6pm and 10pm news. This particular 'episode' took place in Winchester's Great Hall - a building with a great historic background and a beautifully archaic aura to match. 
I arrived early and introduced myself to the very important, but very friendly, BBC employees. 
After being given a brief but informative background of the specific details behind the question 'What do you make of English votes for English people?' we were placed at a decorative table that replicated a very English medieval banquet - complete with fruit, candles and medieval wine goblets...
With several camera men standing directly in front of us, I was slightly nervous but even more excited to begin! The debate was almost like a simpler, friendly and more relaxed version of BBC's Question Time, with fewer people and a calmer atmosphere. 

I can't say too much about it before it airs on tv but I'm so grateful to have been involved in such an exciting production!

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