Friday, 10 October 2014


What better way to determine whether a new hairstyle will suit you or not than to fake it, rather than make a lifetime (or, a few months...) commitment!  I bought a clip in fringe online for £1.99 as opposed to spending £35 for instant regret. It was described as 'dark brown' and I had anticipated that it would be an entirely different colour to my natural hair colour but surprisingly, it was an exact match! Amazon have a great selection of 'winges' (a wig fringe) if you're not brave enough to chop a real one! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL! you look like Selena Gomez and someone else and you, I'll get back to you on the second person ha ha! xxxx

    1. Ahh thank you beautiful Jess! I'm not too sure about the serious facial expressions haha... thank you! It's so much fun trying out different hairstyles - without the commitment! xxxx