Monday, 8 September 2014

Shorts Shots

I'm not 100% sure why I'm dedicating an entire blog post to several images of various pairs of shorts I own. I took a photo of my new lace white shorts from Chic Wish (because I am in LOVE) and realised I couldn't just upload one photo ('s a post with one photo of some shorts with no explanation...sounds rubbish) so I decided to take plenty to make things a little more interesting! Firstly, I hadn't heard of the website Chic Wish until I stumbled across a link and was slightly apprehensive about purchasing them considering the sellers are based in China; postage costs and time worried me slightly and I had visions of them not arriving! But, with £1 postage, an amazing price at just £19 - with a 15% discount for first time Chic Wish buyers and a quick-ish delivery time - I had no desire to delay the order! 

ANY excuse to show off my Mexican tan which is slowly, sadly and surely fading... 

I bought these monochrome shorts from Accessorize and they are possibly the comfiest shorts I've ever bought! Best bit is, they are extra stretchy around the waistband so I successfully shoved as much guacamole, tortillas, salsa sauce and anything else I could find at the tables in the all inclusive dining room at the hotel, with no trouble whatsoever. These shorts are perfect if you've got an 'all you can eat' approach to life, like me...

Yellow is my favourite colour and has been since I was young so when I saw these shorts in Zara, I literally jumped for joy and made a run for the checkout. 

I had been looking for a pair of cream crochet shorts for a while and scrolling through the New Look website I managed to find a cheap pair that are excellent quality! I was so excited when I found these and regret not buying the black pair. TIP - If you see something you like, always buy it. Buy it in as many colours as you wish. The pain of missing out on beautiful clothing certainly outweighs the pain of having no money. 

The next pair are from Topshop and were pretty expensive (no regrets). They aren't the most comfy to wear but when they look as pretty as they do, does it really matter? No pain no gain.

These pink pretties are from Asos - I'm not a big fan of pink but loved the bow detail. 

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