Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Praise for Palmer's!

Cocoa Butter Formula products are like angels in disguise AND they smell so good.  I use these products daily - particularly the 24 hour moisturising cream, and so I cannot recommend these products enough! 
Pictured below is the Cocoa Body Butter. Its scent is a lot stronger than the usual cocoa products and I use this mainly on my legs. I like to think it has prolonged my holiday tan because I'm finding it very difficult to come to terms with the fact I no longer resemble someone who looks like they've recently been abroad! 
The original solid formula (which I have almost finished) is my all time favourite - however, it's my duvet cover's worst enemy. Warning: this is very greasy! It starts off as a solid formula (hence its name) and when it comes into contact with the heat from your palms, it becomes an oily liquid. This is the perfect product if your skin is need of an intense moisturiser and is the perfect after-tanning product. I took two of these pots on holiday with me and finished them both!
The Skin Therapy Oil is the priciest of them all, costing around £10 but I can assure you it's worth it! What lured me towards this product is the fact that it's suitable for the face and I love how fancy it sounds (it contains something called cetesomate-e complex, sounds pretty science-ey if you ask me, and anything that involves scientificy ingredients must mean it's going to make my skin a million times younger...maybe).

Palmer's also do an Olive Butter Formula and a Shea Butter Formula. I have used the Olive creams so if the cocoa scent is a bit too much, the Olive aroma is lighter and fresher!
To visit the UK's Palmer's Cocoa Buttery website, click here

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