Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Castelvetere In Val Fortore, Italy

On the 12th August I flew to Naples with some family. We drove 2 hours to a remote village in the South of Italy called Castelvetere where my grandparents grew up; it is one of the most beautiful villages where true Italian culture still remains due to it not being a touristic area for holiday-goers. 
My mum is of Italian descent due to the fact both of her parents were born and raised in Italy, she has A LOT of aunties, uncles, cousins and friends which is great because big families are amazing! 
My nonna was the youngest of 6 and my nonno has three sisters and a brother so family gatherings are NEVER quiet on my mum's side which is always fun. 
'The village', as I used to call it when I was younger, is a small array of houses perched on top of a mountain where everyone knows everyone. 

This post is filled with pictures more than anything! But illustates perfectly just how lovely the area is. The surroundings are so authentic and has plenty of opportunity for cultivation which is a job most residents have to earn money. 
On the very first day we visited a GIGANTIC sunflower field that went on forever which was a highlight of the holiday - I've always wanted to see one and this exceeded all expectations!
Ristorante Miramonti is the restaurant in the village which allows for casual dining and is also available for hire for big events such as weddings. Believe it or not, a 12 course meal is not unusual for Italians and a good part of an afternoon is spent eating - not that I'm not complaining!
My nonno and nonna are two of my favourite people and are the most hard-working, loveliest people you'll ever wish to meet. I can't explain how amazing they are and I am so lucky to have them.
Walking to the very tip of a mountain where, if the wind was strong enough, you would easily fall off with fatal consequences was of course worth the risk to take a photo of the entire village! We spent any free time we had (where we weren't eating monumental amounts of food with mum's aunties, uncles and cousins) exploring and taking loads of photos which was so much fun. 
This red bike (which is practically identical to a snazzy red Vespa) perched on the corner of a hill meant for a perfect photo opportunity! All we needed was a Paolo, and I could have been his Lizzie! And if you just read that with no clue as to what I'm talking about then excuse me, why and how have you not watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie? What have you been doing?
The next two photos capture The Procession which takes place during the Festival period within the month of August. The festival involves live music on a stage, parties, markets and the production of 'salsicce sandwiches' at night which are freshly made in front of you ready for immediate purchase! 

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