Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Arriiiiiiiba! Mexico!

Buenos días mis amigos! I'm writing this with salty hair, sandy toes and super sunkissed skin. We arrived on the beautiful Carribean coast of Mexico on the 20th of August and despite the fact it has only been a few days into the holiday, the resort has exceeded all expectations. I was going to publish individual posts but instead, I'll write as the holiday progresses and upload the post once I'm home! 
The white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen and considering a beach is my favourite place to be at, I can safely say that this Mexican beach has beaten every other beach I have ever been to! Caribbean beaches are the most amazing beaches EVER and I am so grateful that I've been lucky enough to have visited such a wonderful resort in Riviera Maya. However, the one thing I was not thankful for was the 10 hour flight journey...ten whole hours. I'm not a fan of flying but Mexico was worth the torture.
Despite the humidity and the heat, there was always a breeze - most notably at the beach, and here....
About a 10 minute drive from the hotel itself was an area called the Hacienda. Here, there were many market stalls selling bracelets, necklaces, scarves and bags. I almost bought a Mexican sombrero but you'd be surprised how big they are so I decided against it. Maybe next time!
After a tiny struggle to actually get into the hammock, it was actually very comfortable!
Mum and I found a coconut that had fallen from a tree and kindly asked (using loads of hand gestures to illustrate what we meant) a gardener to cut the top off so we could drink the coconut water found inside. You had to act quickly if you found a fallen coconut because the wild coati species had the same desire we had - to drink the water! We eventually found one that hadn't been opened and were so excited! 
Coatis are the cutest animals and bear a resemblance to badgers - but are part of the raccoon family. The animals are native to America. 
We were lucky enough to experience an entire week of sunshine and hot weather, but half way through the holiday, in typical Mexican style, we witnessed a thunderstorm! The thunder was so loud and the lightening was strikingly bright but we ran through the downpour with blue towels around us and it was one of the coolest experiences! 
A Mexican sunrise across the beach was amazing - we awoke at 6am and walked down to the beach in preparation to witness it and it was definitely worth the early morning! It didn't even require much effort to get out of bed so early because I found myself waking up early each morning anyway; jet lag may have had something to do with it, thanks to the 6 hour time difference with England.
I leave you with five Mexican men in the best outfits I have EVER seen.

Mexico was one of the best holidays and I would urge anyone to go, and I can confirm that a Mexican person's favourite answer to almost everything and anything is '...tequlia?'...no thank you José, not at 7.30 in the morning! 

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