Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Polyvore and Pearls

I love shopping for clothes and it worries me how happy it makes me when I see new things hanging neatly in my wardrobe. I'd definitely call it a problem - maybe an addiction? I love neutral tones, browns and blacks, creams, whites and golds. I had so much fun creating these outfits so I thought I'd share them!

The sandals pictured above are from Dune and are sooo beautiful to me (sung in my best Alfalfa voice) and for this reason, I won't share the price tag that comes with it. I felt a little queasy when I saw the hefty cost... 
These sandals, albeit not the most comfortable things to wear, will be perfect for my holiday!

The black boots pictured above are Vagabonds and are so comfy to wear. I blogged about how amazing they are in a previous post so be sure to read it if you're interested! Unfortunately, these particuar boots are out of stock, but Urban Outfitters have introduced a brand new design almost (practically) identical to the ones I have! You can check them out here. I have suddenly become fixated on the idea of HATS. I have no idea why - I've never worn hats. I bought a really nice brown one for just £15 a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it! However with Christmas just around the corner (in four months wahooooo!) it'll be back to beanies and Russian-style fur hats. 

 Superga Footwear is so comfy and is simplistic in its design.

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