Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Growing Sunflowers

Waltzing round the aisles of the supermarket on my own, I stumbled across an array of packeted seeds with illustrative photos detailing what the seeds hiding away inside would grow to become. From day one, yellow has always been my favourite colour (ever) and so I was instantly drawn to the packet of sunflower seeds amongst the reds, pinks, purples and oranges on offer. Sunflowers are one of my favourites and so I was eager to grow my own (...or appoint my dad as the grower whilst reaping the rewards and telling people I grew them myself, but we can keep that bit quiet!). 

Starting off as the tiniest weeds, we had no idea how big they would become and I blame sheer excitement for the fact I failed to see the word GIANT scripted on the front of the packet...

Louie making an appearance...

Monday, 7 July 2014


In 2012 and 2013 we travelled to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. I wasn't an avid blogger back then and in my struggle to blog about fun and exciting things due to lack of funds (and my constant attempt to raise these funds by working resulting in little spare time), I've decided to do a throwback! Egypt was a beautiful place and I hope to highlight to you how lovely the area is. 

If you're looking to go abroad to a place where you're guaranteed hot weather for the entirety of your holiday, then Egypt is the best place for you! Throughout both holidays, each lasting two weeks, it didn't rain once and the sky was always blue - not a cloud in sight! 

With a temperature of 40 degrees (every single day) the sea was always the perfect temperature to jump straight in; the Red Sea (the waters around Sharm El Sheikh) is home to some of the most stunning marine life, not just in Egypt but also the world. The climare is a desert climate with very hot summers and so the Sinai Peninsula is perfect for the divers amongst you!  

I didn't invest in a good underwater camera prior to the holidays and so my photographs of all the things living underwater weren't that clear unfortunately. 


The infinity pool was perfect and was a contributing factor that swayed us to choosing to stay at this particular resort. This hotel is called Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort and Spa and we flew with Thomson. The hotel cannot be faulted and the workers here were the loveliest people. 

In 2013, we flew to Sensatori Resort Sharm El Sheikh. This chain of well established hotels are known for their perfectness and this hotel did not disappoint! Aside from finding a lizard, albeit a small one, in my room and asking a worker to "HEEEEEELP MEEEE!!" the entire experience was brilliant. And the lizard experience wasn't that bad...

The complex was enormous and right on the beach. The only (small) downfall was the fact our rooms were quite a distance from the main pool. Through no fault but our own however considering we booked very late and the hotel itself tends to be fully booked come August time. 


Obligatory sunset photo because... 
1.  Sunsets are my FAVOURITE THINGS
2. If you ever see a sunset, a photo has to be taken
3. Instagram users love sunsets (especially me)