Friday, 21 February 2014

Jamie's Italian - Portsmouth

On a freezing yet sunny afternoon, we decided to visit one of Jamie Oliver's chain of restaurants in Portsmouth. Italian food is my all time favourite food so I was very excited to try some of the dishes available (I secretly anticipated the famous Jamie's arrival at this restaurant but my hopes were not fulfilled, the food definitely made up for this disappointment however). Greeted by two smiley (and pleasing to the eye) male waiters, we were shown to our table and given a few minutes to choose our lunch. The bar and kitchen weren't too close to the dining area which was lovely because this meant we were able to admire the interesting food hanging from the ceiling; it is clear Jamie has an eye for  detail as the entire restaurant (and waiters, don't forget the waiters) looked perfect. The surroundings gave off a very relaxed ambience and the fresh fruit, vegetables and Italian bread were on show from behind the bar - which I loved. 

I chose the Penne Carbonara (Served Roman style with crispy pancetta, wilted leeks & a lemony, creamy Parmesan sauce) and considering a carbonara is usually spaghetti, this one was not which was a pleasant surprise! I had a small portion which cost £5.95 but would advise to buy the larger option available at £10.75 - somewhat expensive but I can assure you, it'll definitely be worth it! 

We asked for a jug of water and I didn't hesitate when presenting my excitement over the 'jug' the water came in - it looked very impressive! How can a jug of water look so inviting?  

After giving us our plates and rearranging our cutlery to coincide with our meals, the waiter placed two tins of chopped tomatoes within a small distance of each other unbeknown to us he then proceeded to place a wooden plank, with the seasonal vegetables arranged neatly on top of it, raised over these tins. Afterwards, my mum explained to us all that this was because 'Jamie is very rustic in his cooking' as if to suggest 1. the tinned tomatoes were a rustic way to present the food and 2. Jamie is her best friend who she knows very well because she met him once at a book signing in Sainsbury's nearly 11 years ago. 

The restaurant itself looked so authentic, it felt as though there was only 'one copy' of this restaurant, that this was the only Jamie's Italian. The food was perfect, the setting looked great, the service was lovely and the experience was enjoyable. 
Good job Jamie!

Jamie's Italian
S92-S93, Market Square
Gunwharf Quays

Phone: 02392000595 
Monday - Saturday 10am-11.00pm
Sunday 10am-10.30pm

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