Friday, 21 February 2014

Gunwharf Quays - Portsmouth

A day out to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth always results in a good day spent - mainly because everything is cheaper due to the array of outlets, the numerous restaurants, the beautiful marina and most importantly, Krispy Kreme.  
After a short car journey and managing to get stuck in a bit of traffic, we arrived and headed straight for a restaurant. We chose to visit Jamie's Italian and were not disappointed; I've explained all about it in the post below. The sun finally decided to poke its head through the plentiful clouds after weeks of hiding and we daren't waste the day considering we live in England and might not see the sun for another few months. So, after deliberating potential places to visit, we decided to drive to Portsmouth because I love being beside the sea. We realised that just because it's sunny, it doesn't mean we're allowed to go to the beach. 

Despite it being absolutely freezing, there's something lovely about anywhere with a sea view and after walking up and down the endless retailers and becoming overly windswept, we headed into the middle of the shopping centre for some doughnuts. You can't go to Gunwharf and miss out on Krispy Kremes! 

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