Friday, 6 December 2013

Jolly Sailor - Hamble, Southampton

Jolly Sailor, poised alongside the River Hamble, is a beautiful bar and restaurant situated in Southampton and I don't use the word 'beautiful' lightly when referring to this cosy hideaway. On a surprisingly sunny December morning, we embarked upon a trip to get breakfast (which turned into lunch) for one of my best friend's 19th birthday. After making a few wrong turns before we eventually parked, we managed to catch a glimpse of several AMAZING homes which required the 'one day!' remark (we WILL be wealthy enough to afford something so great). 

Table 17 had the most perfect view of the marina and after watching a series of boats drive along the river, we came to the conclusion that it would have been possible to sit and stare at the view all day long. There's definitely something admirable about a marina scene...

The bar/restaurant is a series of interconnecting rooms with a fireplace found within an exposed brick wall, which only complemented the amazing ambience of the homely surroundings we found ourselves in.  

The staff here presented tremendous etiquette and the food was perfect! I learnt that it can get fairly busy here, particularly during the summer months due to the fact there is the option to dine outside on the jetty. 
It was brilliant to watch a couple simply park their boat along this jetty to then make their way into Jolly Sailor for a drink!  
I would definitely recommend this restaurant; the intimate setting it bestows upon its customers is simply lovely.

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