Saturday, 12 October 2013

It's All About The Shoes

Vagabond - a brand name I hadn't known until I was looking at the endless images of shoes on the Urban Outfitters website. Now, I'm not one to follow current trends in the realms of the fashion sphere to an extreme extent, but I love knowing what is regarded as being 'in style'. I don't know if I'd say I have my own personal style because whilst at college I would usually just throw on a pair of black jeans with a jacket and leave the house! However, there is nothing I enjoy more than scrolling through the Zara and Topshop websites (maybe that's an exaggeration - I do have better things to do...promise) so I suppose I'd say fashion definitely interests me. 
I attended the London Fashion Week with one of my best friends in February and it was fascinating to watch the models walk down the runway wearing wonderfully quirky outfits whilst the lovely Zoe Hardman narrated the entirety of the show with her tremendously entertaining presenting skills! Throughout the show I didn't feel the need to recreate a certain look, nor was I tempted to leave Somerset House immediately to purchase similar outfits that were presented to the audience but I'd happily spend a whole day in a shopping centre, spending money I don't have on clothes I don't need. 

Anyway, I recently spent £68 (RRP £80 but received 15% off - being a student has its perks) on a pair of boots and despite the fact I hate spending large sums of money on single items of clothing/shoes, I don't regret this purchase at all. These Vagabond boots are absolutely beautiful and so comfortable to wear! I've worn them with dresses and I think I'd go as far as saying they'd complete any outfit. Due to the chunky nature of the heel with a height of 8cm, wearing the black boots with a pair of black jeans and/or trousers certainly elongates your legs so if you're looking for leg-lengthening boots, these are the ones you must claim as your own! 

Vagabond Grace Nubuck Boots in Black available here

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