Sunday, 1 July 2012

First Blog

It isn't the beginning of a new year. Nor is it a day that calls for reflection around the world. I'm not writing because it's a special occasion of any sort. 

It has taken me an extremely long time to start blogging. I love to voice my opinion but there aren't many people who are willing to listen to me ramble on about things they find uninteresting but things that I find so completely enthralling. So, I decided to create a blog which will allow me to talk through writing. It's taken me so long to start blogging because I always seem to get sidetracked - whether it be by the monumental amount of college work I have to do now that I'm going into second year, or by my family and friends. Or by the Scrubs box set in my bedroom that always seems to trick me into wasting my evenings by watching, continually, episode after episode of the priceless, side-splitting humour that every single episode contains. 

The world of social media has literally taken over, and as less and less people are hesitant to join the world of computers, laptops, iPads and smartphones - the likes of Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular. I am an aspiring journalist and after a lot of research it has become clear to me that digital media will soon become 'the norm'. It is predicted that soon newspapers will no longer be as popular amongst the public, with some people even predicting based on newspaper circulation over the years, that newspapers will become extinct in the foreseeable future, and that the digital aspect of news reporting will take over. Nonetheless I've taken a shine to online blogging to gain experience in writing online in the hope that one day I'll go on to do successful things with a journalism-based career. 

I've always had a love for reading and writing and ever since I bought my own camera I've enjoyed photography. I know that I've always had a real desire to do things, to see things and to learn. So I've created this blog not only for other people to read if they so wish, but for myself, so I am able to keep a diary-like record of all my thoughts, feelings and opinions.

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